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Refinance Debts to Trip Interest Cost

When you notice that interest rates are dropping, you should benefit from the dip and refinance your current business so that you can place more dollars in your pocket. Unquestionably, you can check if your bank can cut the interest percentage on your loan by two or...

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Tax Implications Of Hiring A Nanny Or Babysiter

When parents start the interviewing process for hiring a nanny/babysitter there are so many items placed on the checklist to look out for. It is important to make sure to check references, ask about previous training and experience, and of course test the chemistry...

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What Happens If I Can’t Pay Taxes On April 15th?

Keeping up to date on your income and personal taxes is something everyone should strive to maintain. However, when dire financial crises happen you can fall behind on your abilities to keep taxes up to date. This dilemma becomes much more intensive the closer it...

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5 Options if You Can’t Pay the IRS April 15th

Tax day comes every year on April 15th. For most Americans, it’s simply routine; however, for many others, paying taxes is simply impossible due to financial hardship or other circumstances. If you can’t pay the IRS, do not panic; you have options, starting with the...

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Why Use A CPA For Your 2015 Tax Return

It is tax season, money is tight, and you are not looking to find out whether or not your income is recession proof or not. So what is the best way to get your taxes done without breaking the bank? Is it more financially beneficial to use a tax preparation service or...

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5 Tips To Keeping Out Of Trouble With The IRS

You’ve probably heard horror stories year after year during tax season when taxpayers feel they've lost thousands upon thousands of their hard earned money to the IRS, but this year just may take the cake. There are many new things to consider when filing your taxes...

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Personal Taxes: 3 Items Your Account Needs From You

There are many benefits to filing your taxes through a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), compared to completing your tax filings on your own or through an automated system. In addition to the huge amounts of time an accountant will save you, working with a CPA helps...

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Tax Season Is Here – How To Be Prepared

January is here! It means a new year of exciting new opportunities for your small business. It also means Tax season. A lot of times there are groans of dread associated with those two words. The stress of preparing taxes, digging out receipts, and digging out of your...

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