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Changing Your Perception of a CPA

Most Rohnert Park business owners think of a CPA as being the professional that gathers quarterly reports from the business and then prepares the organization’s tax return at the end of the year. Many people think tax preparation and preparation of financial statements were pretty much what CPAs did.

Forward thinking CPAs like Tim Mayclin have changed the way they do business and are far more involved and hands on with their clients’ financial planning than they had been before. Instead of being reactive, telling the business owner where he or she has been, Tim works closely with the owner to develop a financial strategy that will best accommodate growth plans while maintaining financial stability.


The Relationship between a Small Rohnert Park Business and its CPA

Thanks to technology, small businesses are more productive and project more “power” in the marketplace than ever before. Technology that is easily available to small and mid-sized organizations now allows them to keep in closer touch with their customer base, more efficiently schedule services and production, provide timely and effective customer service and thanks to the internet, market directly to likely prospects for a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

In short…small businesses are now real players in the market and act like large businesses.

But there’s a catch to this new productivity. One of the last resources a small business adds to its organization is personnel. The typical Rohnert Park small business has an accounting clerk and perhaps a controller who use QuickBooks or another software program to perform the daily accounting functions that keep the business functioning.

Most businesses will not have an Accounting Manager or CFO to advise the owner and assist in developing financial strategies. This places the business in a tenuous position. It’s too small to warrant the salary and benefits of a financial professional yet it’s at a place in its growth where that kind of talent is exactly what is needed.

Outsourced Financial Planning

Enter Tim Mayclin, CPA. Tim can fill the void and provide the professional advice that the business owner needs. Tim has a leg up on other CPAs who adapt this new role because unlike many CPAs, Tim started his career in the trenches dealing with the daily financial grind as an employee of a business rather than joining a CPA firm. He has firsthand, on the ground experience with the challenges businesses face and how those challenges can be overcome, at least in part, through smart financial planning.

If you as a business owner find yourself concerned over not having a solid financial plan, or having a plan that you have little confidence in, stop thinking that CPAs are just tax guys and pick up the phone and call Tim Mayclin and start the conversation about the benefits of outsourcing your CFO function.

Tim’s office is conveniently located in Rohnert Park and he can be reached at 707.584.1040.

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