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Business Consultation That Drives Informed Change

The typical small business in Rohnert Park and other communities in Sonoma County is staffed with an accounting clerk and perhaps a controller. These two hard working staff members keep the financial side of business humming by performing the essential day to day tasks of payables, receivables, monitoring cash flow and keeping an eye on aged accounts. They are the foot soldiers in the trenches that ensure the business has the financial wherewithal to market and provide its core service or product.

As important as these staff members are, there is one key element that they can’t provide the business owner. They have neither the time nor the unbiased ability to provide a comprehensive, fact based estimate of the company’s present and predicted financial health. Without this information, the business owner is limited to an Income and Expense report to evaluate the company’s health.

That’s not the way to develop a strategy for growth.


The 5,000′ Overview That Points to the Future

If you are a Rohnert Park business owner and the scenario outlined above sounds familiar, you can benefit from the consultation services of Tim Mayclin, CPA. Unlike many CPAs, Tim did not start his career with a large CPA firm but rather with a private business. As a result, he has an “insider” perspective of an organization’s financials and understands how the data and trends have a direct impact on the plant floor, sales department, and human resources.

Having that frontline experience and approach is exceptionally helpful in creating a meaningful (more than just numbers) analysis of your business. Tim will do a comprehensive review of your financial reports, determine where you have been, and more importantly where you are trending and why.

Armed with this information, you as the business owner will:

  • Have an accurate picture of your firm’s current financial health and likely health over the next 12 months.
  • Identify impediments to growth and profitability (terms, vendor contracts, tax structure etc.)
  • Manage growth initiatives (marketing, capital investments, headcount etc.) intelligently.
  • Know with a reasonable amount of confidence what, if any, additional financing will be required to fund growth over 12 months.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your company is today and what its potential is for the future.

If that’s the position that you would like to be in as the business owner, call us and schedule a preliminary conversation to explore what your organization can expect from our business consultation service.

The office of Tim Mayclin, CPA is conveniently located in Rohnert Park on Golf Course Dr. near Commerce Blvd. Call us today at 707.584.1040.

A professional business consultation is key to improving profit and loss