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Starting up a new business is not a task to take lightly. When starting off on a new business endeavor, it’s important to be sure to cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s. We’ve all heard about the statistics already up against new business owners such as most new businesses failing in the first year. For this reason, many shy away from even starting the process due to fear of getting in over their head, financially and responsibility wise. Even so, not all businesses are the same and do not call for such hefty investments in the beginning. Small businesses are perfect for those who have little to no knowledge on how to run a business and can be maintained with a smaller overhead. Several businesses, such as the ones listed below, can be started in the convenience of your own home. With such little capital required to startup so many small businesses, there’s no excuse to not invest in your own!

1. Graphic design
A basic service needed by all businesses and brands, graphic design is key in their presentation to the public. Graphic designer jobs can range anywhere between logos, fliers, business cards, CD covers, movie posters; you name it. From the local bakery to big name corporations, the possibilities for clients are endless.

2. Childcare
One of the biggest problems parents have is finding a babysitter, so why not satisfy the demand and offer childcare services? Pretty much paying for itself, not much capital is needed to start up a childcare business. Even so, you may have to look into getting state licenses and such if you plan on setting up a childcare center in your home.

3. Pet care
With so many people having busy schedules, such tasks as walking the dog may take away from their day. Not everyone has the time to walk their dogs and that’s where a dog walker comes in handy. Pet care can even expand to simply watching over pets when their owners go away or are not home.

4. Landscaping
Maintaining lawns, gardens, and such is a task a substantial amount of people would rather hand off. Landscaping companies help beautify the neighborhood while keeping it in line with any community regulations.

5. Beauty services
With millions spent on beauty products annually, it’s an opportune venture to start up a business based in beauty. From being a makeup artist for weddings to being a traveling nail artist, the opportunities are infinite.

6. Mobile app development
It seems like every business has an app to offer more to their customers. Some app developers rake in the money by creating a service, independent of any companies, that mobile users find useful. From games to social platforms, the more creative you get, the higher the demand.

7. Copywriter
Content creation is a key service that can be utilized by so many. Copywriters can create their own base to work from, with their own clientele, offering services such as proofreading, transcription, writing blog posts, business plans, and more.

8. Online assistant
In the technologically versed world we live in, it is no longer necessary to be an assistant on location. Working remotely and virtually, many successful business heads are now calling on the help of online assistants to handle such tasks handling written work, creating content, checking emails, creating invoices, etc.

9. Web development
Web development is one of the most vital services that any brand or business needs. Being able to create a website to accurately represent a client and meet all their needs is a highly in-demand task that can garner the big bucks.

10. PR
Why not create a boutique PR agency to help clients with their online presence? PR is needed in so many different fields. To start out, reaching out to local artists and stores may be helpful to gain experience.