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Improving Profits through Effective Tax Planning

The job of the Internal Revenue Service and the Franchise Tax Board is to extract every penny from your company’s coffers that they legally can get. Your responsibility as the business owner is to minimize your tax liability and keep as much of the profits that your company has earned where it belongs…in the company’s bank account. This is obviously not one of those win-win situations that you strive to achieve with a customer. In this contest, only one party will go home with all the marbles.

The good news is that the federal and state tax codes are so complex that even the IRS and Franchise Tax Board make mistakes. The bad news is that the federal and state tax codes are so complex there is no way in heaven that you or your staff can intelligently formulate a tax strategy that will minimize your liability. You have a business to run. You’re not a CPA.


Avoid Unnecessary Taxation through Effective Tax Planning

All too often, effective “tax planning” begins after the preparation of a business’s tax return. It’s during this process of assembling data that an experienced CPA typically finds a practice or policy that costs the company additional taxes. Simple items can cost thousands of dollars in unnecessary tax just because they were not structured in the most tax advantageous manner. These are dollars that are lost that didn’t need to be lost.

Tim Mayclin, a Rohnert Park CPA specializes in effective tax planning for businesses and individuals. Tim takes a holistic approach to tax planning, understanding that tax strategies are not static but dynamic. Changes in tax code, changes in the business, and changes in personal finance can all have a significant impact in tax liability.

Tim is eminently qualified as a tax professional but the real value of his service is his skill as an interviewer. He uses a low key yet direct approach to learn the nuances of your business or personal financial situation. Based on that knowledge, he will craft the most tax advantageous plan possible. In the words of one business owner who also had a complex personal financial scenario ” The peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing I have Tim on my team gives me the freedom to grow personally and professionally.”

You know you need the services of a CPA. Why not choose one who views you as an individual who needs more than a cookie-cutter solution?

Tim Mayclin, CPA has an office in Rohnert Park and provides service to clients in Petaluma, Santa Rosa and Sebastopol.

Using a CPA for your tax filing and planning is a wise investment