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Robyn Kesnow

In the past 5 years, my taxes have been more complicated than they ought to be.

Between handling estate taxes, buying a home, and starting a business I’d been closing my eyes and crossing my fingers as I hit send on the e-file returns.

I had reached out to a few CPA’s, but in meeting with them, felt like they weren’t listening to my questions and concerns.  I felt like a number, merely a tax return document, even as I stood face to face with them.

I’d given up on finding a CPA I could trust.  I fumbled away and crossed my eyes each year, hoping for weeks- and months after the returns had been sent that I wouldn’t hear from the IRS.

I don’t know that my words can capture the relief, the clarity, the comfort I’ve found since meeting with Tim.  Tim didn’t sugar coat things or bog me down with fluff and jargon.  Tim listened to me.

I didn’t get any more details than I wanted; I got every answer I needed.  I was treated with respect, my business and personal information considered uniquely and without the cookie-cutter approach I’d previously received.  The added value in Tim’s expertise in business really cannot be beat.  Why would a business owner, with access to Tim and his team, go anywhere else?

I will never close my eyes and blindly file taxes or make decisions without knowing the tax consequences again.

The piece of mind and confidence that comes form knowing I have Tim on my team gives me the freedom to grow personally and professionally.

Thank you!

Robyn Kesnow, RVT

Animal RN
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Santa Rosa, CA 95405